世界初のコンピュータといわれる「ENIAC」を開発し、世界初の商用コンピュータである「UNIVAC I」を完成させた、ジョン・プレスパー・エッカート博士のファミリーと、その素晴らしい友人達が、 あなたの最高のパートナーとなって、生きた英語を教えてくれます。あなたの希望(性別、年齢、趣味など)を満たす素敵なパートナーと一緒に、英語を学びましょう。





Hello, my name is Lisa. I have been writing to a very nice Japanese woman and she and I have so much in common. We have become friends. I enjoy hearing about her days with her family and her interests in cooking. I am 43 years old, married and have three children. My husband and I have been married for 18 years. We have a beautiful home in Massachusetts where I grew up. I am the youngest of 8 children and we all enjoy spending time with each other laughing and playing and having fun. I have enjoyed traveling around the world. I have not traveled to Asia yet, but hope to one day. I hope that I can help you learn English and that we can build a lasting friendship.

Best Regards!
Lisa Wehner



Hello, my name is Laura Eckert. I hope to exchange e-mails with you, so we can become friends, and to help you learn English. You will find that you will not only learn the language, but you will learn the expressions we use in our everyday conversation in America. You will learn to speak the way we speak, as opposed to how a book may teach you to speak English. Koji (E-Trek' CEO) and I became friends over 20 years ago. Koji is the best friend of my father Dr.J.P.Eckert forever. I became familiar with Koji's family and learned to love them with all my heart.

Our families have shared many good times over the past 20 years, but we have also shared the bad times with each other. We have helped and supported each other in hard times and in our struggles of life. We have encouraged and prayed for each other. The distance of 9,800 miles has never stopped any of us from "being there" for the other person. You may be surprised to learn that. I have never had that pleasure. However, I count Koji as one of my dearest, closest, and most treasured friends. It's amazing what the internet has made possible. I hope to begin a conversation with you and to help you learn English, as well as offer you a new world wide friendship.

Most sincerely,
Laura Eckert


Hello, my name is Holly. I first met Koji over 20 years ago and we have become quite good friends. This friendship, in my opinion, has allowed both of us to learn much more about each other's country, culture, and perspectives than I had ever envisioned possible.I, personally, have even learned many Japanese phrases and words.

I am a high school Business Education Teacher. As a teacher, I predominantly taught the subjects of Accounting and Economics. Additionally, I have also taught numerous courses in: Business Law, Business English, Word Processing, Business Math, Typing and Shorthand. Helping you to learn to converse well in English will be a fun endeavor for me and can be approached in any number of ways to be of the most fun and benefit for you.

Hopefully, we can build an interesting new friendship together!
Holly Haven


Hello. E-Trek has brought a new light into my life. This company will not only help you learn how to write and speak English, but it will also give you friendship and connections to another country. Now, if you wish to visit America, you will not have to pay for a expensive hotel room or for food. You can come stay with a family here! We would love to have you!

Other businesses start in self interest. The owners want to self-profit and it is not about other people. Mr. Koji Tamura has a big heart. He wants to help Japanese to learn English through a fun, compatible, and personal way. Text books and computer software may cover the basics, but even Professors say that to truly learn a language, you must be among the people who speak it. This is why E-Trek is the best.

I have developed strong relationships with the people I speak with in Japan. So close, that I call them my family. I would do anything for them if they asked of me. Whether it is waking up in the morning or coming back home from a stressful day, no matter how bad the day, when I see that I received an email from a friend in Japan, I get a big smile across my face and I feel better. The company does so much for the mind, the soul, and for friendship. Thank you to my pen-pals, my new friends and welcome all those who wish to begin this amazing journey! Be My Friend!

*smile like you mean it*
Nicole Eckert


Konichiwa, Hello, my name is John and I am writing you in hopes that we can learn about each other and have some fun. My brother Koji, is interested in helping Japanese people learn English. He has learned English by writing e-mails and talking to my wife and me over the past 20 years. We became very close friends by this communication and when I visited Japan in 1998, I lived at his house with his family. I met his mother, father and kids...we all had a very fun time together. I will never forget so many fun things we did in that short time. Now Koji is my real brother.

Later Koji had friends who wanted to visit USA and we were very happy to have them live in our house. I think Koji's idea of teaching English is a great idea because it is much more dynamic than a class room. It would be wonderful if new friendship is created like the friendship I share with Koji and his family. I will look forward to meeting you and I will help you to learn English and to create friendship as fast as possible.

Sincerely yours,
John Phinney


Hello. I have always enjoyed learning and teaching and have applied this enjoyment throughout my life. Knowing that the knowledge I have gained and shared can help others is something that is very special to me. I love helping. Helping with E-Trek has not only been just a joy for me. We all support, help and understand each other very well. We all have our own unique personality traits that seem to mesh well with one another. We are able to laugh aloud in both English and Japanese and exchange our own cultural ideas and thinking. I think this is what gives E-Trek its original “spice”.

Faithfully yours,
Robert Ripson